Why Greece?

swimming, canoeing,snorkeling...


The best way to explore the Greek Islands is with a yacht, and although there are thousands of boats sailing around the Greek Seas every summer, they are only available for charter to qualified sailors. A few years ago we decided to organize sailing cruises around the Greek Islands for people who love the sea and traveling, just like us, but who cannot or prefer not to sail a yacht by themselves.

Ikarian Cruises is an officially licensed, government regulated and established Yacht Charter company.

The fundamental reason of our success is our belief in what we do.We have a passion for sailing, a dedication to the holidays we provide and a wealth of knowledge in both fields.
Whatever your experience and budget, ikarian Cruises will find just the right solution for your sailing holiday.

To charter a sailing boat is the ideal, cost effective way of exploring the wonderful world of the Greek islands.
You do not need to know anything about sailing. If you wish, our skippers will be happy to introduce you to the skills of yachting. All you really need, is the love for sun and the sea.

Don't think about it!


We Promise You...

An unforgettable memory that will be kept forever...


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