Greek Islands Sailing Itineraries

Map of Greece.


The Greek islands of the Aegean Sea are among the most beautiful and interesting cruise areas in the world.

The remnants of early Greek civilization, the timeless quality of customs unchanged for centuries, and nature's unique display of beauty in sea, sky, and land combine to make cruising these waters an unforgettable experience.

Greece is one of the most popular areas for sailing holidays, because of ideal weather conditions and the great number of islands. Over 2.000 picturesque isles and 26.000 km of intricate coastline dotted with tiny fishing villages, peaceful bays, whitewashed houses and archaeological sites make for one of the most attractive areas in the world. Mild temperatures from April to October, blue skies and clear, clean, warm waters, make swimming, snorkeling and, of course, sailing, a pleasure.

The islands are famous for their light and colour, each one with its own character, history and culture.

Every island is a small unique world. The people are cheerful, open and famous for their warm hospitality. - A stranger here is a friend -. Tavernas offering exciting tastes of Greek cuisine, the wine and dancing, are sure to make your evenings magical.

There is a remarkable variety of cruising areas which to chose from. We will be delighted to discuss your itinerary and offer you our advice.