About your Booking

  1. On the day of arrival(Departure day is Saturday) you may board the yacht at 5 p.m. and on the last morning ( Saturday ) disembarkation is by 9 a.m.So the boat must be on the mooring port from Friday night.
    (This is done in order to give time to the crew to prepare the yacht for the next cruise.)
  2. The deposit is 30% of the total cost and has to be paid at the time of booking.
    You must pay the remaining amount at least 8 weeks before your starting date and failing to do that will result in your booking getting canceled and your deposit being lost.
  3. If you book your holiday in less than 8 weeks from the starting date of your cruise, you must pay the full amount.


1.  If you cancel your booking 16 weeks before the departure date, the full amount will be refunded to you .

2.  If you cancel between 8 and 16 weeks before the departure date, your deposit will be retained.

3. If you cancel in less than 8 weeks from the departure date, there is no refund.
    However every effort will be made to re-book your cancellation and if we succeed then a     refund will be given to you up to the amount we have recovered.

Change of Dates

1.  If for any reason you need to alter the dates of your cruise, we will do that at no charge, provided there is availability.

2.  We will do our best to commence the cruise at the date and place agreed. In case however there is a delay from our part, you will have the following options:

3.  Provided that the following cruise commitment of the yacht allows it, to prolong your cruise by the same length of time as the time lost.

4.  To leave the date of termination unchanged and to be refunded by an amount proportional to the time of delay at the rate corresponding to the total fees.

5.  To cancel your booking and get a full refund.